2019 Chinese New Year Dinner in Chengdu, China | Eden Social Welfare Foundation


Whenever the spring season comes, Eden held the programs called Chinese New Year Dinner to invite elderly who live alone and accompany with them. In January, a total 230 number of elderly shared a great dinner time with others in Chengdu and Mianzhu, China. Chinese New Year Dinner means a lot for the elderly. It symbolizes the reunion and gathers the family together to enjoy the last dinner at the end of the year. Eden has built good relationships with the elderly in worldwide areas; therefore, every year Eden always invites lonely elderly at our Chengdu’s service centers to share with warm cares.



During the dinner time, not only Eden workers but elderly create a wonderful memory. Watching the performance of dancing and singing, all of the elderly felt pleased with a big smile. Besides, Mr. Cheng, Eden’s President, hosted red envelopes sweepstakes, which aims to wish all the elderly a Happy Chinese New Year. With abundant meals and amusing atmosphere, the elderly shared a strong connection with community members in the Chinese New Year Dinner Program. Through a home-like environment for those elderly Eden serves and builds, Eden sincerely invites the public to support Chinese New Year Dinner of the “Elderly Care Service Program” to make more elders in vulnerable groups warm.