Chris Wu, the Ambassador of Eden, Accompanied with 100 Years Old elderly for Chinese New Year Dinner

Translator | Yu Wei Chen


Picture1. Chris We, the Ambassador of Eden, went to Mr. Deng’s house to enjoy Chinese New Year Dinner.


Chinese New Year is coming. Almost every household prepares for Chinese New Year Dinner. In order to make the elderly in vulnerable groups enjoy Chinese New Year Dinner, Chris Wu spent time having Chinese New Year Dinner with a hundred years old person, Mr. Deng, who is serviced in Elderly Community Long-term Care Service Center, Taipei, Eden Social Welfare Foundation. At the elderly’s house, Mr. Deng, Mrs. Deng, and Chris enjoyed a great moment with others. Chris Wu was impressed by the loneliness and distraction of the elderly because he had taken care of the elderly at the care service center of older people in the rural area. He said that “The elderly are like children, and they expect someone to accompany with, chat with, and care for them; in particular, the elderly miss dramatically their family especially when the Chinese New Year is coming”.


Picture2. Although Mr. Deng possesses a strong Henan accent, Chris Wu was not strange to him and listened carefully.


The dishes on the table were rich. Though Mr. Deng did not eat much, he felt happy because of great companionship. Mrs. Deng said that Mr. Deng likes guests to visit his home. Mr. Deng possesses strong Henan accent, and Mrs. Deng usually helped him to translate with other people. Suffering from mild dementia, Mr. Deng can still identify numbers and time. He had a stroke five times, which let him suffer from nutritional deficiencies, poor appetite. Mr. Deng and Mrs. Deng have leaned on each other over 20 years, and they have lived in the second floor of the old apartment, where are dark and unfriendly at the traditional market. Messy and inaccessible environment makes the elderly inconvenient to go wherever possible. Meanwhile, Mrs. Deng is under a lot of pressure from taking care of her husband, leading to worse quality of life. It is quite a burden to the matter of going upstairs and downstairs step by step for Mr. Deng. Furthermore, every time Mrs. Deng needs to assist him to prevent falling down.


Picture3. Mr. Deng shared his hand-made Chinese steamed bread with Chris Wu.


Mr. Deng gets older, but he is kind and values the etiquette between people. However, Mr. Deng suffers from hearing loss, and the emotion is easily affected, leading to loudly talk when he could not hear clearly. Mr. Deng is highly dependent on her wife, Mrs. Deng. If he did not see her, he would shout and search for her. Without relatives in Taiwan, the pressure of taking care of Mr. Deng was increased, so Mrs. Deng decided to apply for the Institution Care in Elderly Community Long-term Care Service Center, Taipei, Eden Social Welfare Foundation. In the beginning, Mr. Deng did not use to walk for long distances to Elderly Community Long-term Care Service Center every day. Now, he is used to going to the Elderly Community Long-term Care Service Center. He wears clothes and shoes by himself to prepare for class after finishing the breakfast. In addition, after accepting the guidance of the attendants to participate in the courses about cognition, music, rhythm and etc., his brain activity is strengthened, his thinking is getting clear, and his mood is relatively stable. Mrs. Deng also obtains the opportunity of Respite Care, and she is satisfied with the services of Elderly Community Long-term Care Service Center.


Picture4. Chris Wu prepared for rich meals with Eden Social Welfare Foundation 


Approximately 6000 elderly people are served by Eden Social Welfare Foundation every year. For the elderly with disabilities or dementia, Eden has provided Family Care Service, Day Care Service, Adult Foster Care, Institution Care and etc. For the elderly with sub-health, Eden has serviced them to prevent disordered, postpone the aging problem, and maintain a great quality of life through Community Care Center, Meal Delivery Service, promotion of health, support of Assistive Devices, Home Repair and etc. Moreover, providing diverse care services for the elderly through Family Care Service, Aging in Place, Entertainment, and Home environment to Accessible Life, helps them to possess respect, dignity, and honor in the elderly life.


Picture5. Accompany the Elderly with Love. Chris Wu advocated the public to support the Elderly Care Service Program. 


Whenever the winter season alternates, Eden Social Welfare Foundation held the programs called Chinese New Year Dinner in cities around Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Eden invites care users to participate in Chinese New Year Dinner, hoping to get rid of loneliness from the elderly through the reunion of Chinese New Year Dinner and their accompanying. Eden sincerely invites the public to support the “Elderly Care Service Program” to make more elders in vulnerable groups warm. Please kindly read more information about “Elderly Care Service Program” on the official website.