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How can you cross a road with closed eyes? Identifying the key issues, Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office is devoted to meeting the needs of the blind. Here is a series of steps in an ongoing transportation revolution:


Accessible Pedestrian Signals from Various Countries


From 2000 to 2002, APS trials from Japan, the United States, and Australia were launched in Taiwan by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). Now, while walking on the street pedestrians can hear the cuckoo sounds of Taiwan’s accessible pedestrian signals.


 User Experience Seminar with Visually Impaired Persons


In 2005, three seminars were held with visually impaired groups, inviting vendors to develop new systems on demand. The new system’s main features and improved functions for 2007 are:


1.     Three kinds of guiding tones – the sounds of cuckoos, the chirping of crickets, and the croaking of frogs.

2.     Volume period adjustment

3.     Automatic guidance

4.     Induction start

5.     Push button (with positioning sound)

6.     Braille card information

7.     System response function – The sensor is attached to canes so that the system can respond immediately as visually impaired persons cross a road.


Recent Development – Mobile APP


In 2017, the trial will be combined with a mobile app, to provide information on intersection directions and the number of seconds available for pedestrian’s to cross the road. Taipei Sanmin Road and Jiankang Road intersection may be the first places in the world where visually impaired persons can use smartphones to interact with traffic signals.


Be a Smart & Accessible Island


As of 2018, Taipei City has set up APS in 176 intersections. The MOTC is looking forward to assisting visually impaired friends and creating an accessible environment. The aim is to facilitate the personal travel of the visually impaired, and increase their willingness to walk outside independently. Additionally, it is hoped this will help make Taiwan a more considerate and friendly environment.




TRANSED2018 was held by TRB and Eden in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) from November 12th to 15th. TRANSED2018’s theme was “Mobility for All: Connecting the World with Accessible Transportation”.


Eden hopes this conference can help Taiwan can create a friendly environment through the discussion and advocacy of international representatives such as scholars, experts, and government officials.


Taiwan’s society is aging; Eden will continuously advocate “Accessible Taiwan - Mobility for All” for the rights of the elderly and persons with disabilities.


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