Volunteers in Eden | TRANSED2018 Volunteer’s Feedback

Volunteers in Eden | TRANSED2018 Volunteer’s Feedback


-Jung-Ling, Chang, Master of Social Welfare, Chinese Culture University


It is my pleasure to join Eden’s volunteer program. Through participating in the TRANSED2018 Conference held by Eden Social Welfare Foundation, I am able to cooperate with Eden colleagues, interact with the speakers around the world, and understand the current development and promotion of accessible environments in Taiwan and other countries. This time, TRANSED is organized by Taiwan. I believe that a lot of effort has been made, from the administrative preparations and arrangements before the conference, to the process of confirmation and reception of foreign guests.


Eden Foundation is not a public sector but a non-government organization. I think what Eden does connects Taiwan to global networks and let the world see Taiwan make a great effort of accessibility environment. Besides, I think Eden must have prepared for a long time to reach TRANSED2018 with a success. I am really thankful for Eden because being a volunteer in TRANSED2018 is a rare opportunity for me.



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 “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

Eden has started International Volunteer Program and invited youths from all over the world to hold summer camps for local communities in Taiwan since 2009. Until now, Eden welcomes volunteers all over the world to devote themselves to those in need. Have you ever think of trying to have the human interactions on the tiny island on the west Pacific? Eden offers opportunities for interns and volunteers. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and come!


More Information, please visit:https://goo.gl/KqcCAc For the following volunteer opportunities, please fill in our Volunteer Registration Form and E-mail it to: eden4646@mail.eden.org.tw




TRANSED was created by the US Transportation Research Board in 1978. Held every three years, TRANSED conferences have been co-sponsored by the Transportation Research Board. The 1st TRANSED was held in Cambridge, England. Throughout the years, TRANSED was held 14 times in 11 countries, such as Orlando in the US, Vancouver in Canada, Stockholm in Sweden, Lyon in France, Perth in Australia, Warsaw in Poland, Hamamatsu in Japan, Hong Kong in China and New Delhi in India. Taiwan is the fourth city in Asia to host this event following India. Eden Social Welfare Foundation has the honor of hosting the 15th TRB conference. The theme of this year is “Mobility for All- Connecting the World with Accessible Transportation”.