Introduction to Long-term Care in Taiwan: To Build a Dreamy Island for the Elderly in Kinmen I | Eden Social Welfare Foundation 伊甸基金會

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  (Picture: Retired elderly people gathered to keep each other company)


The Center for healthy aging emphasizes “learning never ends”, by providing all kinds of activities, such as joyous learning when aged, relaxing and stretching, better communication, and playing with cards. Providing a number of care spots (for healthy lunches and other regular services) ensures each elderly person feels loved and cared for.


Senior-Friendly Meal Delivery Services


The healthy lunch program does more than keeping an eye on the elders’ nourishment, it also checks what’s going on in their lives. Many volunteers who have already retired from work, devote themselves to senior-friendly meal delivery services and spending happy lunchtimes with elderly people. The cooking volunteers start to prepare ingredients in the morning, then cook steadily to make sure all the free lunch boxes are ready by noon.


At the give-away lunchtime, volunteers not only get to know what’s going on in the elders’ lives but also check their blood pressure. If the report is abnormal, a checkup is available at a nearby hospital, with a volunteer as a company. “Volunteers play a crucial role in caring for the aged population; they are a must-have in our society.”


Volunteer Time Back


Supporting golden-ager services can slow down the impact of population aging. Senator Ning Kuo-Ping has suggested a “Volunteer Time Back” scheme, involving giving back to the community with time exchanged for the same benefits later in life. This makes elderly people more willing to participate in social activities, as well as improving the quality of life and making society more elder-friendly.


He says with a smile on his face, “There’s a large number of volunteers by now, which includes 64 groups made up by 3,400 people.”


“Welfare in Kinmen is getting better and better.” Most residents mean it with their whole hearts. The well completed long-term care system ensures elders not only live happier but also easier. The town has become most golden agers’ dreamy retirement island. 



Introduction to Long-term Care in Taiwan: To Build a Dreamy Island for the Elderly in Kinmen II --> Welfare for the elderly is not only carried out on Kinmen’s mainland but also on the front line of Kinmen, Lieyu Township.