“Accessible for the Elderly” | Double-ninth Festival 九九重陽節

Resource: https://goo.gl/BZfvjn


According to the latest report on NDC, Taiwan is still in the trend of fewer children and more elderlies. Nowadays, there are over 3.3 million elderly, accounting for more than 14 percentage of the population in Taiwan.


Eden held a friendly press conference for the elderly, calling on the public to create a friendly environment.


Ms. Wu Shu-Fen, a director of the International Development Division in Eden Social Welfare Foundation, said that the elderly are lack of rights to go out from home without accessible environment. Encouraging the elderly to go out is not only to avoid rapid aging, but also to increase opportunities for interaction with people. Therefore, the public should connect the friendly environment with accessible transportation. Last year, Eden has published one-of-a-kind “friendly stickers” to remind passengers “Senior in Car”. From now, the new friendly stickers come out, and people who are interested in the stickers can download free on Eden’s website. Eden invite everyone to pay attention to the friendly environment of the elderly.


Ms. Cha Hui-Jun, a sticker designer, thinks that when seeing rehabilitation buses or cars with “Child in Car” stickers, people will show their understandings; however, when driving cars with the elderly, people may ignore or misunderstand the elderly’s need. Indeed, the elderly should enjoy rights on the inclusive and friendly environment. In addition to barrier-free facilities, the safe and friendly environment of "walking" is a key element.


Ms. Cha Hui-Jun, a sticker designer, advocate the importance of Accessible Transportation Environment with her father. 


Eden are devoted to advocating an accessible environment, and Eden are going to held TRANSED 2018 at TICC from 12th to 15th November. In the TRANSED 2018 conference, Eden invites academic units, social enterprises, and non-profit organizations to share the latest accessible transportation information and smart assistive devices. Eden are looking forward to improving the quality of life for long-term care providers and caregivers. For more information: www.transed2018.com or ask +886-2230-6670 #2202, Ms. Lu.