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2018 Touching Life Festival – Wu Xiong, an artist with disabilities


2018 Touching Life Festival is going to be held by Eden Social Welfare Foundation. Touching Life Festival in Taichung will be held in Pinglin Forest Park on 13th October. Before the opening of 2018 Touching Life Festival, Eden holds the press conference and invited the artist with disability Wu Xiong (武雄) to share his story about “Never Give Up”, “Independent Living”, and “Environment-Friendly”. The most important of all, Wu Xiong invites everyone to join the “Touching Life” Festival.



To break the stereotype of the persons with disabilities, Eden cooperated with Content Maker(意義製造) to make a social measurement film, inviting three audiences to see several beautiful drawings, and ask their imagination of the artist. It turned out that the answer of the painter is out of the audience’s imagination and completely changes their views. The artist is Wu Xiong, who is the person with a disability.


Due to cerebral palsy, Wu Xiong, who is 58 years old, finds it difficult to move. When Wu Xiong is creating, he needs to work harder than other people. For instance, Wu Xiong needs to use all of his energy to hold his pen tight. The problem of hand tension causes great difficulty to him. Normally such a task takes one to two days for ordinary people, but Wu Xiong needs to spend more than two months on the painting. Furthermore, the age will cause him degenerative arthritis. However, even though the difficulties, Wu Xiong never gives up. He still insists on taking a bus for one and half hours to paint at the Wang-Fang Center, and going to the hospital every week for rehabilitation to maintain his health. With the support and encouragement from the family and organization, Wu Xiong has shown his passion and talent for painting.



Eden Social Welfare Foundation believes that “There are no disabilities once we have an enabling environment.” Since 2014, Eden has hold “Touching Life” Festival to make the public understand the difficulties encountered by persons with disabilities and the disabled elderly through the actual experience. From 2015 to 2017, the festival emphasized the importance of an accessible environment by inviting the public to take part in wheelchair driving classes. This year, it is the fifth “Touching Life” Festival. 2018 “Touching Life” Festival in Taichung will be combined with hiking, fair and picnic activities, which is suitable for parents and children to come.


Eden has served persons with disabilities over 35 years. Eden’s “Accessible Living” campaign includes serviced related to employment, healthcare, skill-development, and life-reconstruction. Each year, there are more than 100 thousands persons with disabilities reintegrating into the society and live on their own through the Accessible Living campaign.


From 28th September to 13th October, Eden welcomes everyone to participate in “Touching Life” Festival to advocate Accessible Living Campaign. Let the change start now, and jointly create a friendly environment. For the more information about the campaign please visit the Website “Touching Life Festival”(無障礙生活節).