A Gift from an Exclusive Rehabilitation Bus Driver | Happy Father’s Day 父親節快樂 | Eden Social Welfare Foundation 伊甸基金會


Tu Futian (涂富田), who is 56 years old, gave his father the most precious Father’s Day’s gift - He took his father as an exclusive driver for a whole day on the eve of  Father’s Day.

Tu Jiezhong (涂接忠), who is 85 years old, is the father of Tu Futian. He has suffered from a stroke and colorectal cancer for years. Once going out from home, Tu Jiezhong (涂接忠) needs to take a rehabilitation bus (復康巴士) because of his disabilities.

Owing to working at Eden Foundation as a rehabilitation bus driver, Tu Futian (涂富田) seldom stayed with his father because he usually worked at the urban area where is away from home.



On the eve of Father's Day, Kaohsiung Transportation Service Center specially arranged Tu Futian to service his father to take the rehabilitation bus personally. Tu Futian (涂富田), a considerate son, also bought a gift for his father and wished his dad a Happy Father's Day.

In the past, Tu Jiezhong (涂接忠)  was a farmer and had served as a neighbor for more than 20 years. Whenever there was any problem in the countryside, he would give a hand to people in need immediately.

Tu Futian (涂富田) said that his dad was so enthusiastic about serving people in need that their father-child relationship appeared to be unfamiliar for a long time. After a while,  Tu Jiezhong (涂接忠) fell down with an illness beyond his hard working.

However, Tu Futian (涂富田) said that because of the disease, the distance between father and son was brought closer.



The movement became slower after Tu Jiezhong (涂接忠) got a stroke, which let him be unable to cultivate. The mother cannot take care of the dad due to the age. Besides, other family members cannot stay with the parents because they have lived in the different cities. As the only son in the family, Tu Futian (涂富田) takes the responsibility and decides to hire a migrant caregiver for his father. During the period of his dad’s illness, Tu Futian (涂富田) has been running around Mino(美濃) and Kaohsiung(高雄) for a long time.


Tu Futian (涂富田) lifted the elevator from the rear of the bus, pushed the wheelchair up to the right position, and drove off the bus after the fixed wheelchair is fixed. Tu Futian (涂富田) was so proficient for the processes. When Tu Futian (涂富田) was helping his father fasten his seat belt, the dad was very happy and said: "The best gift on Father’s Day is my son come back home to see me."


Tu Futian (涂富田) has been a Rehabilitation Bus driver for 7 years. He said that his father always reminds him “Sleep well every day before you drive.” “Remember that every passenger you take is important for their family.”These reminders have also become the core working value for him to serve people with disabilities and the elderly.



It is not easy to seek good traffic facility and medical treatment in the rural areas.

The transportation service of Kaohsiung City has been provided 160,497 times from January to June of the year. Eden hopes that through the assistance of Rehabilitation Bus, the needs of the rural transportation can be met with the disabled and the elderly in the rural areas.

The Service line: 07-3601160, temporary car line: 07-3601165, Eden welcome anyone in need to use Reservation System at Kaohsiung City Rehabilitation Bus. http://pub.ks.eden.omninice.tw/