Eden held a charity concert to help the slow angels to fly off

On the 26th, at 2:30pm, Eden has held the 2018Love Blows on Slow Angels charity concert in the auditorium of National Kaohsiung Normal University in order to raise funds for disabled children. In Kaohsiung, local entrepreneurs ring the bell of compassion for this splendid performance. This singing and dancing display aim at letting let people understand these families’ peculiar necessities.


The visually impaired pianist Xu Zhecheng, providing a breathtaking piano performance.


This concert had the honor to receive internationally renowned performers such as the visually impaired pianist Xu Zhecheng(許哲誠), the tenor Xiong Feixiong(熊飛熊), the soprano Zhou Xinjie(周欣潔), the violist Kang Yuli(康郁理), the pianists Chen Yizhen(陳怡真) and Zhang Kaidi(莊凱迪), the international dancers’ duo of Liu Youchen(劉宥辰) and Hong Yuqing(洪郁晴), the Bamboo Drum Team, Meinong women's chorus group, as well as Kaohsiung district’s Meinong mixt chorus group. Their performances have been welcomed by the audience’s uninterrupted applause.


Moreover, the concert even more unique moment was when the early intervention center’s music class got on stage to let people acknowledge their physical conditions through one music therapy session. Some children shaking sand bells while others reacted accordingly, dancing to the sounds rhythm. This interaction between the music therapists and the Slow Flying Angels presented the toddlers as if they were flying to the music sound; which allowed the audience to understand these Slow Flying Angels’ needs.


 Slow Flying Angel music therapy class getting on stage, with Pan Jiayin, music therapist (1st on the left).


The climax of the concert comes from the singer Huang Yinshan, with the Liyuan early intervention center’s mothers’ contribution, by singing “Slow fly”. This creation of Huang Yinshan has been made especially for Eden’s Slow Flying Angels. The lyrics addressing the parents’ hopes and blessings to their children. The performance made the audience shed tears, moved by the parents’ dedication toward their children.


This year, more than 200 Slow Flying Angels in Kaohsiung area received daycare services. In addition to the teachers who provide daily care and education, the toddlers are also interacting with numerous specialists such as music therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists that regularly dispense educational services all around the area; helping this way the children to grow up gradually.


Eden Foundation explains that, in 2018, despites the government subsidies, Gaobing early intervention service still needed 8 290 000 Taiwanese dollars in total to cover the social welfare expense. Children welfare financial resources’ distribution in limited and the subsidies are not enough to support all charge. The early intervention center lack of financial resources to dispense efficient care to the children, so it has to ask a social contribution of 300 dollars each month to allow the Slow Flying Angels to receive one hour of therapy to help them to properly develop.