All Children Should Be Loved! Love Children’s Happiness Festival on May 29th


In order to advocate the rights for children protection at International Children’s Day on June 1st, Eden Social Welfare Foundation held the “Love Children’s Happiness Festival” from May 29th to June 3rd at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Shinyi Mitsukoshi Avenue in Taipei. Mayoress of Taipei and pediatrician – Peggy Chen was invited as the goodwill ambassador at the opening ceremony, and enjoyed a breaking through game with the “slow flying angel” Xiao-Huei.


Xiao-Huei, 6, has been raised by her grandmother since the age of 3. She had no self-care ability and did not like to talk. Fortunately, her grandmother taught her step-by-step with patience and building up her self-care ability. Moreover, through the intervention from the hospital and Eden, Xiao-Huei has been receiving early development service and schooling for a year, she became more vibrant and considerate now, helping out with the housework and understand the norms of daily life.


Research shows that one in every 15 children is a developmental delay child (slow flying angel) in Taiwan. About 100,000 slow flying angels need to receive early treatment each year, and another 200,000 children are from disabled family, who live unconsciously after school. Therefore, the “Love Children’s Happiness Festival” will set up a Children’s Flash Play Station during the activity, which aims to make people experience and well aware of disadvantaged children who are not often noticed by the public, and let the public become the most assured and powerful reliance with slow flying angels.


As a mother of a child with developmental delay, Mayoress Chen shared that she understands how Xiao-Huei’s grandmother feels. Chen’s son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 and was issued an IC Card for Severe Illness, which was totally shocking and overwhelming, refused to accept the doctor’s diagnosis, she then sent her son to kindergarten but got withdrew on the first day. Her son then gradually improved with the help of early intervention services, and she began to accept and understand how to tutor her son.  


Director General of Resource Development Division, Miss Chan pointed out that, to help the next generation to change their fate is a crucial issue and cannot wait. Eden started its nutritious and after-school care services of rural areas since 2006; through the collaboration with local communities, Eden has helped 30000 underprivileged children. Eden’s early intervention service has entered into its 24th anniversary, it has 26 service centers across 14 cities of Taiwan, Eden will continue to care for the children in need and put in its best effort to help them. 



Slow-Flying angels need the support of professional early intervention services. We strongly encourage everyone to join Eden’s “Underprivileged Children Service Project”, with a regular monthly donation of NT$300, you can help a slow-flying angel receiving early-intervention services. Your support can provide neglected children and those children who are suspected of having developmental delays, with the opportunity to catch up on the path of growth.

For more information please dial: (02)2230-6685, or visit  (available in Chinese)