Donate you coins at Wellcome Supermarkets today to support the reconstruction of Eden's early development centers!

Donate you coins at Wellcome Supermarkets today to support the reconstruction of

Eden's early development centers!

contributing editor: Joseph Winkler

Wellcome supermarkets has been supporting Eden Social Welfare Foundation’s service on children in underprivileged communities for over 11 years. Eden Social Welfare Foundation held a press conference on the 9th. Eden was also honored to have Jane Lee, the famous Taiwanese TV host as an Ambassador, and served afternoon tea with slow flying angel – Xiao En, as a mothers’ day gift for the parents on the scene. Laurent Piazza, Executive President of Wellcome Supermarkets, and Lin Rong-Hua, Vice General Manager of Credit Card and Payment Division, E.Sun Bank attended the conference to offer their support for “slow flying angels”.

Xiao En made his first mother’s day card in front of the audiences to show his love for his parents. Born in an ordinary family, Xiao En has a nick name “little handsome”, his developmental delay was difficult to observe judging by his appearance. It was fortunate that his mother recognized his need when they found out he talked very slow and was unable to structure sentences. When they took him to the clinic, they discovered that he has Autism, and has linguistic and physical developmental delay. Xiao En’s parents have faith in Xiao En’s development progress, and for him to catch up on the path of growing. They search through, and visited over 10 development centers in Taipei city, finally deciding to send him to Eden’s Taipei Early Intervention Center to receive early development servicesconsidering the learning environment and the proficiency of teachers.

After a year-long individually designed study program, Xiao En can not only speak in sentences but also often asking questions! His body coordination has increased and has become more outgoing. En’s father was impressed by the huge progress En has made with the assistance of the teachers at the center. En successfully transferred to the normal kindergarten this year, Xiao En’s father expressed his appreciation towards Eden that, “We now realize the importance of early intervention and that it can’t wait, and we’ll accompany Xiao En to grow up gradually.” He also wanted to use this opportunity to encourage all the families with children with developmental delays to knowingly face the issue. Although the pace of their development cannot compare to the other children at the same age, the development is worth waiting for, nevertheless.

 “ You must have gone through a lot of hard work!” Eden’s Ambassador Jane Lee was touched by Xiao En’s father’s sharing and said, being a mother of 2, Jane knows the emotion of being a parent. She said it’s heartbreaking when the child gets sick, and it must be even more difficult and overwhelming if they found out the child has developmental delays. Therefore, Jane wanted to raise public’s awareness and the importance of this issue by personally supporting children like Xiao En, because they all have chances to catch up the development with other children if sufficient learning environment is offered.

Ben Lin, Deputy CEO of Eden Social Welfare Foundation said that the foundation has been working in the field of early intervention for 24 years, establishing 26 early development centers across Taiwan, offering early intervention courses by using related assistive learning devices. The foundation also discovered in recent years that, because the number of children with developmental delays are increasing so does the need for early intervention services. Many centers face the problems of lacking of teaching materials, assistive devices, and insufficient hardware facilities which are in need of replacement. The need to fully reconstruct many centers in rural areas is the most urgent issue for families with children with developmental delays.

Eden hopes that more and more people can be encouraged to support the program through this press conference, from May 10, 2018 – June 20, 2018, through “coins for charity” at many stores or donation QR Code, and purchases using E.Sun Bank Credit card, Wellcome Supermarkets and E.Sun Bank will donate 1% of your purchases to Eden’s services. Moreover, during May 10, 2018 – May 30, 2018, each purchase of Sophie, Mamypoko and Lifree, or each purchase of Want-Want’s rice cracker collection during May 31, 2018-June 20, 2018, the enterprises will donate an extra NT$ 1 to support Eden’s project. We sincerely invite everyone to shop at Wellcome Supermarket and donate the coins from each purchase. Help us to raise the money for the reconstruction of 6 early developmental centers, so that every child in need in Taiwan is able to receive sufficient early intervention services, walking along with them to the future. For information please dial + 8862-2230-7715 ext. 5320 Ms. Ju (available in Chinese)