The opening ceremony of the 9th “Multiple Intelligence Course for Second Generation New Immigrants”.

The opening ceremony of the 9th

“Multiple Intelligence Course forSecond Generation New Immigrants”.

The diverse cultural background and language skill of the second generation new immigrants provide them with opportunities to gradually become an important group expanding into south-eastern markets. Eden Social Welfare Foundation and Cathay Pacific Philanthropy Group have been co-organizing “Multiple Intelligence Course for Second Generation New Immigrants”. Eden hosted the opening ceremony of its 9th session last week at Fu-Fu Community Center, Mr. Lu Gin-Long, Manager of Cathy Pacific Charity Foundation attended the ceremony and encouraged the students to fill with the aspiration to succeed in learning!

The second generation new immigrants and guests were asked to write down their own representative word of 2018 as part of the ceremony, Manager Lu wrote the word “study”, hoping the students maintain their passion for studying and curiosity for new things; he also encouraged the students to find the path to life and be successful in the field they are interested in, be influential and make contribution to the society.

“The nine years of sponsorship from Cathy Pacific Group is very much appreciated, together we change the future of the second generation new immigrants!” said Zhu Li-Ying, Director of New Immigrant Development Center. Eden noticed a new issue arose in these families that, most parents of new immigrant families have problems assisting their children in terms of studying due to the language barrier and cultural difference, which led to their second generations’ poor academic performance of and lack of confidence. Parents of new immigrant families are always busy with earning income and tend to spend less time with their children, as the result, the children became addicted to electronic products, which is the obstacle of their relationship and the trigger of conflicts between them.

For the reasons above, the course lowered its age to admission and accepting students at second grade at elementary school to beginner’s drama class and student at fifth grade at elementary school to teenage courses, hoping students could gain empathy towards parents and appreciate the efforts their parents have put in to support a family. Two psychological counsellors were invited as course instructors, offering professional training and companionship to the second generation new immigrants, guiding them to build confidence and sense of accomplishment, interpersonal communication and discovering life habits. Moreover, the new interactive web design courses were introduced following the trend of multimedia, hoping to raise students’ digital technology skills through courses such as scripting and web design. Eden hopes to provide full range leadership development and pass on the diverse new immigrant culture, encouraging the second generations to transform and grow through the rich curriculum.

Apart from the yearlong drama courses, teenage courses and leadership training course, the students will join a one-week volunteering service at different elder care and rehabilitation centres of Eden, hoping that the students could learn the value of giving and reciprocation, as well as respect and tolerance to underprivileged groups.

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