Eden Social Welfare Foundation attending Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympics International Conference on Disability Rights!

Eden Social Welfare Foundation attending Pyeongchang

2018 Paralympics International Conference on Disability Rights.

The conference kicked off by a performance from a reggae band with intellectual disabilities led by a Cuban instructor, followed by a keynote speech session and group sessions.

Themed in “Fuller social participation through sports and leisure”, this year’s purposes are to celebrate a global festival of Paralympic Games which evidences abilities of persons with disabilities, reviewing the legacy and challenges of Paralympic Games as a tool for empowerment of persons with disabilities, and discussing best practices for social inclusion and enhancement of equal opportunity and accessibility for persons with disabilities.


The keynote speech was given by Mr. Gyeongseok Park, the former Chairperson of Asia and Pacific Disability Forum, focusing on the legacy of Paralympics and its contribution to the betterment of daily sports and social participation of persons with disabilities, Mr. Park shared a documentary of the local disability rights movements back in the old days. The advocacy movements were extreme, “the activists were burning the symbols of barriers, jumped off of a platform when the trains were approaching, showing their determination of an accessible public transportation. Persons with disabilities would tie themselves together by iron chains when police officers came and driving them away from the scene”, he said. The crowd was in tears after viewing the documentary.     

The conference provides an opportunity for both national and international disability rights advocates to share their invaluable experiences and knowledge in order to make our society more inclusive where people with disabilities to fully participate in the society and exercise their rights as equal as other citizens. The Director of Mr. Abraham Ching-Kuei Hsieh, the Director of Yilan Education and Nursing Institute, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, also the Chairperson of Working Committee on Accessible Tourism, APDF, shared Eden’s mission on accessible transportation, the progress of Legislation and advocacy for accessible Taiwan with the 400 participants.

Mr. Hsieh then mentioned as a social welfare foundation began with advocacy movements for persons with disability, Eden realizes the significance of creating an accessible city through various forms, which is why the Foundation bid for 15th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED 2018), and sincerely invites experts in the field across the globe to participate and to witness the first international accessible transportation conference in Taiwan.. “Each TRANSED conference sets milestones for accessible transportation, attracting members across the globe to participate and exchange their expertise in the field. The platform enables experts and academics to share their creativity and practices, we strongly encourage everyone to attend!” Mr. Hsieh concluded.

TRANSED 2018 will take place on November 12-15, 2018 at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC).  For more information please visit, TRANSED 2018 Official Website: http://www.transed2018.com/