Final presentation of the “2017 Second Generation New Immigrants Multiple Intelligence Empowerment Course”

“2017 Second Generation New Immigrants Multiple Intelligence Empowerment Course”

To support second – generation new immigrants reaching their full potential and foster their creativity, concentration, and confidence, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, along with Cathy Charity Foundation, Cathy United Bank Culture and Charity Foundation, and Cathy Cultural Foundation co-organized “ Second generation new immigrants multiple intelligence empowerment course”, offering drama, volunteer training, illustrator and coding programs to second generation new immigrants. The course hosted its final presentation at Cathy Financial Centre earlier this month, president of Cathy Charity Foundation - Frederick Chien (Chien Foo), attended the event and encouraged the students to put their best effort in perusing their dreams, and never give up the chances to be a rising star shines on the global stage. 

24 students from intermediate- drama class performed a play re-written from a traditional Thai folk story – “Sleeping Beauty Mountain”, as the final production of their one- year drama class. The narrator – Xuan Xuan, was the leading role of the last year’s play and the screenwriter of this year’s play. Xuan –Xuan kept herself at the edge of the class when she joined the drama class two year ago, she used to be quiet and shy, hesitated to communicate with the others. After the training at the program, she gradually opened herself to the group and developed passion towards drama, now she is able to perform in public with confidence, expressing herself through performances. 

Xuan-Xuan’s mother attended the final presentation and showed her support, She “ Xuan-Xuan’s growth and development is obvious, we appreciate the drama program which opens up Xuan-Xuan’s vision and inspired her to fall in love with drama, and changed the introvert personality of her to a cheerful girl who can courageously express herself,” the mother said with proud. Training such as body-language and voice expression were offered at the drama class, students, helping the students to express their emotion clearly; moreover, screenwriting and improvisation-acting class were added to this year’s intermediate class, through creativity training such as percussion instrument for students to be able to create liberally.


Deputy CEO at Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Mr. Lin Wen-Bin stated that, ”since the year 2000, Eden Social Welfare Foundation became aware of the issues such as language and cultural barriers of new immigrant families; the issue led to the lack of attention on the education of their second generation, therefore they became a group of students with low education performances which affects their confidence building. Seeing the great performance by those bright students today, is the best fever in return for us!” hoping students can develop concentration, observation and creativity, and building self-affirmation and gain self-confidence through the empowerment course.

Eden Social Welfare Foundation and Cathy Charity Foundation began a joint “ Second generation new immigrants multiple intelligence empowerment course” 8 years ago, targeting on second generation new immigrant elementary and junior high school students, offering practical courses including juvenile moral character education, relationship building, life exploration, IT and drama, for second-generation new immigrants to have access to multiple learning, discovering their strength, interest and talents, building self-confidence to peruse their dreams of their lives!