2017 Eden’s Joy Chorale Year-End Concert

“The Wonder of Invisible Love” - 2017 Eden’s Joy Chorale Year-End Concert


“Today, I am expressing myself to the world through music, artistic talents, and joy that, even though we are invisible, there is still grace, love, and music, for the light of our lives are enlightened within us. - Xing Linzi

“Serve the people with visual impairments, preaching welfare and gospel and walk out of the darkness towards the sunshine”, are the core value of Visually Impaired Service Division, Eden Social Foundation. In accordance with its core value, The Division has been recruiting professionals and develop music talents for people with visual impairments, as well as helping people with visual impairments to have opportunities and access to a career. The division funded “The Eden’s Joy Chorale”, “The Eden’s Grace Chorale”, and “The Eden’s Praise Chorale”, promoting for social integration of people with visual disabilities over 30 years ago, offering a platform for visually impaired talents to express themselves and their value to the world through music.

As Eden Social Welfare Foundation celebrates its 35th anniversary, Eden held a special musical concert – “The Wonder of Invisible Love” - 2017 Eden’s Joy Chorale Year-End Concert, hoping to bring the infinite blessing and joy of God to the audiences through performing records which composed by people with visual impairments with musical talents. Eden was also honored to introduce the famous visually impaired Jazz Fusion band – Herman Band, performing classic songs like “ Taiwan, Our Precious Baby”, “Songs of Fireflies”, and “He Never Failed Me Yet”, expressing the deepest care and love for Taiwan.  

Apart from all that Jazz, the “Amazing Grace”, which co-performed by Shang-Quan, the famous Chinese violin performer residing in Australia, and visually impaired violinist – Xia Guan Ding, impressed the audiences with the great chemistry between them, bring full positive energy to the show through rhythms of life.


Eden Social Welfare Foundation has been organizing annual charity concert since the year 2011, apart from the annual concerts, the Chorale has performed in rural villages, school campuses, hospitals, prisons and churches around the world, with the record of more than concerts, and had reached more than 3 - million audiences.

The concert ended with warmth and left the audiences with great memories,“We had the most amazing experience with our choir family and we are very grateful for the huge amount of support The Choir and Eden gave us,” said Lee, one of Eden’s service receiver who has attended the concert for the 3rd time.