Eden x LEVI’S®- Old Clothes for New Love, the best way to repurpose your old clothes.

Eden x LEVI’S® - Old Clothes for New Love

The best way to repurpose your old clothes.

It’s every old cloth’s destiny to get thrown away when it became old-fashioned, and its value vanishes as the minute we turn them away. Human being faces the same fate too, how do people cope with the problems of aging when there is no one to rely on?

“Old Clothes for New Love”, until January / 11th / 2018, each second hand clothes donations at selected LEVI’S® store (regardless of brand, size, length and thickness!Jackets, Sweaters, Trousers, all welcome) to Eden Social Welfare Foundation, you can enjoy a LEVI’S® gift from choices of three. Don’t miss this great chance to give your clothes a new significance and bring blessing to the ones in need. Please visit (http://www.levi.com.tw/denim_exchange) for details.

Eden Social Welfare Foundation and LEVI’S® jointly invite you to act and support elders with disabilities with no one to rely on. Until February / 28th / 2018, supporting our “Eden’s Elder Care Project” with NT$ 500 a month (or NT$ 6000 single donation), you can enjoy a LEVI’S® limited denim laptop case!

For more information regarding the project, please visit our website (https://goo.gl/ur2Mbz), or dial +8862 - 2230-7715 ext. 5318 / Ms. Chang