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To help the underprivileged children in rural areas pursuing their dreams and not giving up, Eden Social Welfare Foundation started its corporation with Mercedes-Benz Taiwan 10 years ago on annual pledge for charity table calendar, fundraising for the Foundation’s “Elephant Project”, which promotes the education and nutrition of underprivileged children in rural areas of Taiwan. 

The project has helped more than 6,000 underprivileged children in rural areas over the years. This year, we are honored to have Crowd Lu, the famous Taiwanese singer, and composer as the ambassador. Lu and the children from Guang-Yuan Elementary of Taitung sang one of the singer’s hit song “Must Believe in Yourself” at the launching press conference, to encourage the children not to forget their first intention and build their dreams.

Xiao-Hung, Ah-Kai, and Xiao-Xian, who participated in the prior calendar drawing competition, came all the way from Tainan to attend the press conference in Taipei. Xiao-Xian, who is also a second-generation new immigrant and whose family had financial issues, was sent back to Vietnam and raised up by his grandma until the age of 6. “My grade was always in the bottom of the class, but Eden Elephant Community’s after-school programs in Jia-Tien area, Tainan helped a lot with my studies, the tutors there spend 4 years to help me catching up on my studies, starting from Mandarin Phonetic Symbols.” Working one-on-one every day after school and him putting best effort, Xiao-Xian gradually followed up the learning pace of the classes, he is now an art student and often helps the tutors at the after-school programs.  

Education is at the heart of the sustainable development goals (see also: SDG4-Education 2030), for it is key for progress towards the achievement of all of the goals, and should, therefore, be part of the strategies to achieve each of them. Existing coordination mechanisms shall be built and strengthened for implementing quality education. That is, to the degree possible - build on existing coordination mechanisms, systems, and processes, and be connected to broader SDG coordination mechanisms at national, regional, and global levels.

Having its corporation with Mercedes-Benz Taiwan for a decade, the project has helped more than 828 local communities and schools around Taiwan, safeguarding more than 30,000 children on their path of education, providing a platform to grasp their dreams for underprivileged children in rural areas. Managing Director of Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Kai-Qiang Wang appreciated the contribution from Mercedes-Benz Taiwan and Lu, hoping the public will continue caring for the education of children in rural areas.

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