Love and care from 1200 miles away, helping the students on the path of better education.

Love and care from 1200 miles away, helping the student on the path of better education.


For the starting of the new semester this year, Eden prepared 2150 note-books, 250 sets each of highlighters, color-pens, and rulers, as well as bottled – water and soccer, to  Xiangkhouang Province of Laos and Vĩnh Long of Vietnam. Hoping through the love that traveled 1200miles can encourage the local students to keep faith and fortitude in studies, not to be distracted by the deprived environment. 

Mr. Vo Thi Anh Tho, Vice Chairman of study diligently association (qin-xue huei), Xi-Yi Township, Vinh Long province, in represent to accept the gifts from Eden. 


In the beginning of the new school year, one of the most exciting parts of its ritual is getting new stationaries. While we are purchasing new stationaries with our kids, let us take a look at the dailies of school children in rural areas of Vietnam and Laos; they have to carry their younger siblings at the back while studying in a shabby and crude classrooms with the roof leaking on raining days; the school is emptied during harvest period, because everyone has to go into the farms and help; during the raining season and the school faces unpredicted closure, students have find a part-time job to subside the unstable family income; most of them have to walk for hours to fetch a bucket of water that is not really hygiene. To those students, being able to study is a gift, something they can only crave for after they’ve been kept warm and nourished.      


Some of the areas are really hard to reach. Xiangkhouang Province in north-eastern Laos, which is 363 kilometers away from capital Vientiane, the supplies have to go through an 8-hour car journey to get there for there is no rail and highway system in the area. Approaching the areas and understanding their need, Eden acknowledged the rural areas are in urgent need for professional foreign aid, and the right for having a stable school life and obtaining knowledge has to be protected and guarded! Therefore, Eden started its services in school supply donations, sending stationaries like notebooks, color-pens, high lighteners, and necessities like bottled-water to schools in rural areas, for the students to concentrate on studies and touched by the care from Eden, implementing the concept of local services.   


Eden Social Welfare Foundation has been focusing on services in overseas’ rural areas, especially the education of underprivileged children. As the staring of the new semester, Eden continues working with the local schools and communities to donate school supplies to underprivileged areas in Vietnam and Laos.   


Starting the new semester, Xiangkhouang Province, Laos

According to the UN's 2017 SDGs report, only 40 percent of children participate in education one year before the start of primary school in the poorest countries; despite considerable progress in primary school enrolment between 2000 and 2014, 9 percent of primary-school-aged children worldwide were still out of school in 2014 (about 263 million children, adolescents, and youth). The population largely resided in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia, where educational systems struggle to keep up with population growth. In fact, these two regions accounted for over 70 percent of the global out-of-school population at every level.


Eden has been putting effort into its overseas services for 2 decades, with the spirit of "Love without Borders”, bringing closer the distances of the world, including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mainland China, actively participating in international organizations, working with INGOs, offering care and accompany people with disabilities and underprivileged groups, leading them to walk out from poverty and difficulties in life.   

Ms. Ly Minh Truc, Deputy Secretary of Dist. 12, Ho-Chi Minh City, in represent to accept the gifts from Eden.