Most people with disabilities experience unhappiness, the survey has showen

     Most people with disabilities experience unhappiness, the survey showed. 


Eden Social Welfare Foundation issued the「self - reliance and happiness of people with disability index survey」, discovered that obstacles do exist on the path to return to the society and become self-reliant, due to a shortage of supply equipment, also,  there is a long way to go for bridging environment and society with them. Mr. Lin Wen Bin, Deputy CEO at Eden Social Welfare Foundation, said that: according to the findings, lack of opportunity, getting short shrift in the society and workplace bullying are the most series challenges people with disabilities are facing.   


The two months project survey was commissioned to CyberPane, a marketing research firm, interviewed people with disability aged 18-64 through May to June, with 407 valid questionnaires collected. Mr. Lin further emphasized that, according to the survey, 76.8% of the interviewees felt the lack of opportunities and unable to control the future, therefore, sacrificing to the reality is the only option left for them. Furthermore, 65.3% of the interviewees face setbacks and misunderstandings in their life because of disabilities; in addition, 65.3% of them have experienced situations such as being given cold shoulder and discriminations in daily lives.


According to Mr. Lin, being able to live independently is the root for people with disabilities to return to the society and prove their self-values; from life skill and  vocational training to employment service and social engagement, we need not only services from first line staffs such as social worker, families, centers, also support and toleration from the public. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has been implemented since 2014 in Taiwan, although its pace in following international trend deserves an applause, however, regardless of the improvement of the equipment and environment, more work needs to be done to help people with disabilities to return to the society, and the work starts from us, as the single unit of the society.  


 Three service users at Eden’s shared their stories on the day. Guan-Huei, 31, who suffers moderate intellectual disability, has a stable job and awarded recognition by co-workers and executives, he was also invited to share his employment experience at Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office.  A-Giu, 50, who had a normal life until a stroke and car accident 10 years ago that damaged her brain and caused hemiplegia and loss of speech ability, she refused to go out for years until Eden came into intervene 4 years ago, bringing in residential rehabilitation resources and life reconstruction, she also regained confidence after joining communities for people with disabilities. 


Yi-Fan, 37, is one of the service users at Wan-Fan Development Centre, whose speech and hearing ability was impaired caused by jaundice of newborn. With the help of family members and professional training from the center, her drawing skill has improved significantly as the time goes by, her art work has presented at many exhibitions and received many awards, and paintings are the channel Yi-Fan communicates to the world.


During 35 years of accompanying and serving people with disabilities, Eden found out although they face challenges from the world, they can always conquer the obstacles in life by their power of determined will, by giving them the appropriate support at the right time, they can become their own heroes! We sincerely invite you to join「Accessible Living Project」, supporting people with disabilities to reach an accessible and independent life. 

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