Ready for summer discovery? Eden Social Welfare Foundation welcomes this year's Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) interns.

Ready for summer discovery? Eden Social Welfare Foundation welcomes this year's Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) interns.


Coming from different parts of U.S.A with different backgrounds, three Taiwan Teck Trek interns will spend the summer vacation together and embark their journey at Eden, expecting to learn and explore the field of NGOs in Taiwan.


Sam Chen, a psychology major student said, “Seeing the experienced teachers and caregivers teaching the children, I realized how difficult it is to work with the disabled people, and it all takes passion、experience and love. Being in the classes every day, I start to know how careful and considerate the teachers are. Each day is a novel to me that inspires me to probe and gain more from Eden.”


Nora Lin, a third-year student major in speech therapy, is surprised to learn at her first time assisting people with visual impairment, “I am pleased to learn different Human-guides Techniques during orientation, also, it’s my first time being blindfolded to experience a life without vision, which made me realize how tough it is to live in a life without vision


The upcoming missions for them are - 2017 English Camp for Youth with Visual Impairments and – 2017 Multicultural Summer Camp for Children of New Immigrants. Apart from teaching the English classes for visually impaired students through the topic in traveling, they are going to present America culture to children of new immigrants for them to acquire Western culture.


Since 2009, Eden has started International Volunteer Program and invited youths from all over the world to hold summer camps for local communities in Taiwan. Eden Summer Camps target the children from new immigrant families, underprivileged families, and the youth with visual impairments. These summer camps are to broaden those young people’s horizons, to develop their international perspectives, and to increase their interests in learning English. Most importantly, give them happy and great summer memories.


About Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) program:

Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) 2017 for overseas Taiwanese youths interested in the hands-on internship or research experiences in Taiwan. This program is part of the Taiwan government's overall effort to recruit new generations of overseas Taiwanese for the purpose of raising Taiwan's overall competitiveness. Apart from gaining valuable professional training, the internship in Taiwan provides an ideal opportunity for overseas Taiwanese to explore their roots, learn local culture, improve language skills, and even connect with relatives in Taiwan.